Dua Lipa performed the eagle symbolizing Great Albania: Serbian portal pretends

Dua Lipa, performing the two-headed eagle 
 The Serbian portal Telegraf.rs has written about Dua Lipa's presence at Sunny Hill festival nights in Kosovo, focusing on the national flag that the Albanian singer held in her hand and danced with it.

The Serbian portal begins in this way:

The British singer of Albanian descent, Dua Lipa, was one of the stars of the Sunny Hill festival in Pristina.

She did not hide her happiness and this was reflected in the videos posted by her.

Specifically, she made the double-headed eagle with her hands by symbolizing the 'Great Albania' which delighted its fans in Pristina.

Dua Lipa covered with the Albanian flag
She then raised the Albanian flag and danced a kind of dance that is widely known to Kosovo Albanians.

"One night you have to get up and show yourself of how much Albanian you are," the Albanian singer wrote.
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